• I'm really excited for this app.
    — Tom S., 07.22.2013
  • Finally an app that makes personal debt reduction fun. Can't Wait!!!
    — Amy W., 07.22.2013
  • Was getting tired of all the finance apps that over complicate things. This app is so simple and easy to use.
    — Jenny C., 07.22.2013
  • Brilliant! I'm nowhere near paying off my debts but I think this is a great tool to help me stay on track. Great idea Great app!! How about Rocky music when he's pick axing the debt mountain??
    — App Store User Review, 11.07.2013
  • Finally a new spin on debt reduction. Being a visual person this is great. Can't believe I'm gonna say this but looking forward to my next payment. I wanna see what happens.
    — Spannos, 11.07.2013
  • Love this app. Super informative and fun. Thank You
    — Tornado Alley, 11.07.2013
  • Just entered my first balances--ha ha!!--love it!! Thank you
    — Barnes23, 11.07.2013