Finally an app that merges the worlds of debt reduction and video games into one unique experience. Think of a video game without the controller in which all actions and animations are driven by how much you lower your debt each payment. My Mountain of Debt™ introduces an entirely new debt reduction concept. The app's interface offers an entertaining way to monitor your debts. When entering your debt category amounts, such as student loans, car loans and credit cards, you set in motion a sequence of animations that encourages you to stay on track and motivated to eliminate your debts.


  • Creates a fun new visually rewarding way of paying off debt
  • Tells a story that unfolds as you make payments
  • Provides instant feedback as you watch your mountain of debt diminish brick by brick
  • Illustrates through an animated bar graph your personal debt amounts lowering with each payment
  • Monitors how you, the main character, progress through the game with each payment
  • Tracks multiple debt categories
  • Records your payment amount every time you reduce your debt
  • Uses large number keypad
  • Allows for user friendly data entry

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