Need Help Paying off Debt? Make it Your Passion!

Uphill Battle

I’m a guy who’s full of passion.  From the first time I stepped on a skate board as a kid, everything I touched I had to own.  I don’t mean everything I touched I had to buy, I simply mean I had to be good at it.  I became addicted to taking on new challenges.   From  learning to wake board, whitewater kayaking, riding a sport bike to my biggest challenge and victory ever – building the app My Mountain of Debt.

Taking on the challenge of paying off debt is just the same as taking on any other challenge in life.

Yes, figuring out a strategy to pay off debt is important but let’s put that aside and look at what’s really important.  It’s all about digging deep and making it your passion. It might seem a odd to think of paying off debt as a passion but why shouldn’t it be?  If you want to be successful at anything in life, you need to become passionate about it.  Paying off debt is no different. So how in the world can you become passionate about paying off debt?

Live it, Breath it, Own it

Think about your debt reduction efforts it in a positive way at all times.  Slap a piece of duct tape over that negative voice in your head and force the positive voice to dominate your thoughts.  Think about it when you wake up, think about it on the way to work, think about it on your lunch break,  think about all the positive things that will happen when you reach your goal of debt freedom.

Learn it, Love it

While you’re thinking about it, also learn about it.  If you’re paying down your debt monthly, use the time between payments to learn all you can about how to succeed in your efforts.  Thousands of articles provide great tips and tricks to help you on your journey.  Investing time in this study will not only help you make good decisions but will help you stay fired up and motivated.

Keep the Momentum Ball Rolling

For me the easiest part of any challenge is always in the beginning.  Why?  Because it’s when you’re most excited and fired up about taking on the new challenge.  But what about months down the road when the initial excitement wears off?  The trick is to be realistic.  It’s important to understand that life happens.  You’re doing great and sticking to your plan, then suddenly your car breaks down and you have to fork over $1,000 to get it fixed.  If this happens, don’t let it derail your efforts.  The momentum ball has not stopped, it’s just slowed down a bit.  If you keep in mind ahead of time that these things might happen, you will be more mentally prepared to deal with them and keep pushing forward.

 Fuel the Passion

Being successful at your steady debt reductions will be the fuel that sustains your passion.  By seeing your progress monthly, you can anticipate and even visualize your long term goal of debt freedom.  Keep your mind focused on the positive and never loose sight of your ultimate goal.  It’s going to be a tough fight but in the end the rewards will be well worth the efforts.

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