Introducing the iOS app My Mountain of Debt

Sam the Ant with a PlanHey everybody, welcome to my blog, and welcome to my first blog post.  I’m excited to get under way so pull up a chair and let’s dive in.

You’ve stumbled across this site and might be wondering  what in the world does an ant with a hard hat and a pick axe have to do with helping people get out of debt?  Hmmm–good question.

CorrectMore on that in a minute, for now let’s take a little trip back in time to where and why it all started.  My name is Chris Brew and besides being an extremely passionate person, I’m pretty much an average Joe.  I love fitness, riding motorcycles, having a cold beer with a close friend and anything that involves being outdoors.

iOS app My Mountain of Debt

iOS app My Mountain of Debt

Two years ago I was struggling with credit card debt.  Nothing too crazy but enough to make me think it was time to make a change.  So I sat down and created a simple line graph that plotted my total debt balance.  Every month after paying down some debt, I plotted my new lower balance.  Seems simple but I soon realized that it was a major motivator to help me stay on track.  Why?  Because that little dot on the line graph moving, visually represented all my debt reduction efforts for the previous month.  Hey,  I’m on a roll.  My debt is dropping and I’m actually sticking to my goals.  Then it hit me–an idea that would completely change my life.  I thought, “What if every time I lowered my debt balance, an animated story unfolded?”

At that moment the idea for My Mountain of Debt was conceived.  A lot has happened since that moment but let’s save that for a future post.


The reason I’ve created this blog is to not only talk about debt 3reduction tips and ideas but to try and look at debt reduction from different angles-angles that aren’t typically talked about in finance blogs.  Sure it’s important to have a method and a strategy but what good are those things if you don’t stick to them.  Also, I would like this blog to be a place where you can freely talk about your debt reduction efforts.  Debt reduction can be a lonely effort.  It’s not easy to talk about these issues with friends or even family.  Let’s break down the walls and talk openly about what you’re going through.

Because my app “My Mountain of Debt” is a completely new way of looking at debt reduction, I truly appreciate comments, feedback and even disagreement.  In order for me to continue my passion of making finance fun, the more you let me know what you think, the better I can achieve this goal.

Feel free to leave comments, sign up for this blog or if you’re not a blog comment person, shoot me an email (  I would love to hear your comments and feedback.

Please note that I am not a professional financial advisor.  My specialty, my passion is finding ways to make personal finance more fun and interesting so people stick to their goals.

Paying off debt is TOUGH!!


Sam the Ant with a Plan

You paying down debt lets Sam get to work on the mountain

Let’s make it FUN!!

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